Astera Cancer Care’s Cancer Classes

A cancer diagnosis can be life changing. At Astera Cancer Care, we strive to provide the education, collaboration and support you need in this journey. That includes providing comprehensive virtual classes and podcasts that cover the basics of cancer and beyond. From risk factors and screening to treatment options and planned lifestyle changes during and after treatment, we touch on the topics that are important to your journey.

Cancer During COVID-19

Blood Cancers

Dr. Craig Lampert and Dr. Philip Pancari discuss the diagnosis, treatment and management of lymphoma, leukemia and myeloma, along with various blood disorders, during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Breast Cancer

A virtual overview with Dr. Hiral Patel Fontanilla, Dr. Lisa Hopkins and Dr. Ellen Ronnen examining adjustments in breast cancer care during the pandemic, with a focus on new guidelines for mammography and treatment.

Colon Cancer

Dr. Nell Maloney-Patel, Dr. Ira Merkel, Dr. Joseph Pepek and Dr. James Salwitz review the importance of early screening and diagnosis in colon cancer patients. The connection between polyps and colon cancer is also examined, as well as the detriment of delayed treatment due to COVID-19. 

Lung Cancer

Dr. Todd Flannery and Dr. Michael Nissenblatt cover the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer. A focus is placed on stage-specific care and safety measures to maximize positive outcomes with an emphasis on SBRT’s role in early stage treatment.  

Prostate Cancer

Dr. Phillip Reid and Dr. Edward Soffen talk about prostate cancer, from evaluation to biopsy and post-surgical care. The impact of COVID-19 on delayed treatment options, such as hormonal therapy and radiation, and the importance of immediate treatment for some patients.

Skin Cancer

Dr. John Baumann, Dr. Darshan Vaidya and Dr. Sameer Desai discuss skin cancer, including risk factors, risk mitigation, such as the importance of sunscreen, and treatment options, during COVID-19. 

Cancers in Women

Breast Cancer

Dr. Renee Armour, Dr. Aysha Khalid and Dr. Steven Zarny talk about all things breast cancer. Topics range from prevention and understanding of the different types of breast cancer to tailored treatment options and the role of radiation.

Viewer discretion is advised due to some explicit images.

Cervical, Ovarian and Uterine Cancers

Drs. Michael Nissenblatt and Edward Soffen discuss the three most common types of gynecologic cancers. The roles of vaccine in prevention and radiation in treatment are discussed. 

Gynecologic Cancer

Dr. Seeta Trivedi holds an in-depth talk about the screening and detection process of gynecologic cancers. She touches upon advances in medical treatment and incidence of gynecologic cancers in women of different ages. 

Cancer Management

Elderly Cancer Treatment

Dr. Jonathan Rosenbluth covers questions and concerns elderly patients and their families face with a cancer diagnosis. Topics range from overall health to advance directives in end-of-life care.

The Side Effects of Cancer Treatment

Drs. Jae Lee and Phillip Reid conduct a comprehensive overview of the most common side effects of chemotherapy and radiation treatment. Includes topics of nausea, mucositis, immune suppression, fatigue and neuropathy and ways to manage them in your everyday life. 


Dr. Ellen Ronnen, Betsy Dubov, RD, MS, and Katherine Schaible, MSW, LSW discuss life after cancer. The key points of discussion are the role of survivorship visits, exercise recommendations, healthy eating tips, mental health optimization and the importance of post-chemo appointments. 

Understanding a Cancer Diagnosis

Colorectal Cancer

Dr. Beiqing Pan discusses the full life cycle of colorectal cancer from risk factors and prevention to patient-specific treatment options and survivorship.

Hematologic Malignancies

Dr. M. Hossein Kazemi talks about the treatment of hematologic malignancies: lymphoma, leukemia and multiple myeloma including state of the art ways to fight blood cancers with your own immune system. 

Lung Cancer

Drs. Jack Lee and Beiqing Pan give a comprehensive talk about the full scope of lung cancer. Topics include risk, prevention and screening, staging and treatment options.

Pancreatic Cancer

Drs. Arkady Broder, Timothy Kennedy, Joseph Pepek and James Salwitz conduct an in-depth talk covering the full scope of pancreatic cancer. Topics include challenges in early diagnosis, symptom control, research breakthroughs and treatment teamwork. 

Pancreatic Cancer 

Dr. Alexander Itskovich and Dr. Richard Schuman share their knowledge about the basics of pancreatic cancer, including the pancreas’ role in our body, environmental and genetic risk factors, screening and new treatment developments.

Podcasts & Radio Interviews

Cancer Research

Dr. Sameer Desai discusses the latest advancements in cancer research on Heartbeat Medical Radio.

Life After Chemo

Dr. Ellen Ronnen discusses embarking on your next life chapter, post-cancer, on Heartbeat Medical Radio.

All About Anemia

Dr. Seeta Trivedi discusses various aspects of anemia, ranging from causes to treatment.