Fighting Cancer with State-of-the-Art Radiation Treatment in Central NJ

To help you win your fight against cancer, our oncologists develop a customized treatment plan based on your unique needs. But while every cancer treatment plan is different, there is a good chance that radiation may be part of your treatment. That’s because radiation therapy has been a proven, highly successful way to destroy cancer for many decades, as part of a combined multi-modality approach and, for some, as a solitary treatment.

Radiation Therapy: A primary — and important — cancer treatment.

Radiation is a long-proven method of treating cancer that has been used successfully for a very long time. It works by harming cancer cells, much like chemotherapy does but with radiation instead of chemical compounds. But unlike chemotherapy, radiation treatment can be directed specifically at areas of anatomy where cancer is known to be. In fact, radiation therapy today is far more precise and effective than ever before, thanks to advances that help conform the radiation to the shape, size and location of the tumor for minimal exposure to normal tissues.

As your cancer team, RCCA-CJD coordinates all aspects of your care, including seeing that you get effective, appropriate radiation treatment from some of Central New Jersey’s most capable and experienced radiation oncologists. And we’ll remain your advocates, interacting and collaborating with your radiation team to ensure seamless, effective treatment.

Giving you access to the complete range of radiation treatment for cancer.

RCCA-CJD’s affiliated radiation oncologists and physicists develop the radiation portion of your treatment plan based on your needs. The exact method of treatment — and the frequency and duration — depend on a variety of different factors, including age, health, treatment goals and cancer type. In some cases, our radiation therapy partners may use radiation as a palliative therapy, if warranted and appropriate. Here are some of the more common forms of radiation treatment that may be considered for your care:

External-beam radiation therapy – Initially, external-beam radiotherapy consisted of pointing a beam of ionized radiation at the body part that needed to be treated. But it’s come a long way since then. Today, external radiation is highly conformal to the shape of the tumor and can be intensity-modulated and even image-guided to maximize precision. Although not always, external-beam radiation treatment usually lasts between 6 and 8 weeks.
LDR brachytherapy – Low-dose rate (LDR) brachytherapy consists of tiny radioactive seeds that are permanently implanted directly into the tumor. LDR brachytherapy is less frequently used today due to improvements in radiotherapy technology.
HDR brachytherapy – High-dose rate brachytherapy is a key improvement over LDR brachytherapy. It involves temporarily “dwelling” the radioactive seeds in and around the tumor via catheters. Errors in placement can be compensated for by increasing or reducing the duration of exposure. After each treatment, the seeds are removed.
Radiosurgery – Radiosurgery isn’t surgery at all. Rather, it is radiation treatment that is extraordinarily precise and, for that reason, consists of a much higher dose and fewer sessions than regular radiation therapy.

Let RCCA-CJD guide you through effective radiation treatment designed for you.

For any cancer need, including radiation treatment, RCCA-CJD ensures you get the most advanced and appropriate treatment… along with the expertise, compassion and support you depend on.

To learn more about how RCCA-CJD’s doctors integrate radiation therapy into your custom treatment plan, or to schedule an appointment, call 888-824-8312. You can also request an appointment using our easy online form.