Focusing on Cancer Patients’ Comfort and Quality of Life in Central Jersey

When it comes to treating cancer, the objective is cure… except when cure is not possible. In that scenario, our objective as oncologists is on maximizing your quality of life. To this end, we provide and coordinate leading-edge care not just for curative treatment but also for palliative treatment.

What is palliation?

Palliation, or palliative care, is — broadly speaking — medical care focused on providing patients who have serious illness with a higher quality of life. Specifically, it involves relief of pain, physical stress, mental stress and other symptoms of serious illness. And palliative care is particularly important for cancer patients, whose disease can create severe pain and whose treatment often comes with side effects.

Helping New Jersey’s cancer patients live a quality life.

At Astera Cancer Care, we are mindful of people’s individual needs, including their need for support, counseling, assistance and other resources, and we get involved to help you access them. Our doctors, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, nurses and medical staff pay attention to stress and anxiety, and we collaborate with each other and your other doctors to help minimize these. At the same time, we know that palliation is often a matter of direct treatment.

Palliative therapies can include surgery to relieve pain, medications to relieve pain or nausea, medicines that help with sleeping or breathing, or any other treatment designed to make life better. And our doctors can use them in combination with curative treatments or by themselves.

For people with end-stage cancer, palliation is a primary purpose for cancer care, and for our caring oncology professionals. We understand cancer, and we have friends, family members and loved ones who’ve been end-stage. Comfort and peace of mind are what is most important, and we work with family members to ensure these needs are met. This includes helping transition your loved one to hospice care if and when it becomes the right choice.


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