Get Access to Breakthrough Cancer Care via Clinical Trials

At Regional Cancer Care Associates Central Jersey, we’re in the hope business. Our compassionate, highly skilled and experienced oncologists are committed to providing hope against cancer — hope for you or your loved one and hope against cancer itself. We do this through our participation in clinical research trials, which helps us advance cancer medicine and offer breakthrough alternative therapies to patients not being helped by other treatments.

Clinical Trials: Investigating tomorrow’s treatments today.

Clinical trials are studies designed to test new medical treatments for their safety and effectiveness in preventing, detecting, diagnosing and curing disease. Every medication or device used in treatment today was first investigated through clinical trials. And the first people to be helped by today’s standard-of-care treatments were those who participated in the clinical trials.

We give you broad access to leading clinical trials.

Dedicated to providing advanced, high-quality cancer care, RCCA-CJ is involved in a variety of clinical trials. As a division of Regional Cancer Care Associates, RCCA-CJ is part of an enormous cancer care network with access to a huge number of clinical research trials. This is how we’re able to give you or your loved one new options — and restored hope — when existing treatments aren’t helping.

Are you a candidate for cancer or hematology clinical trials?

Your eligibility for a clinical research study is dependent on many factors. First, the decision to participate is one that only you can make, and RCCA-CJ doctors are committed to helping you make informed choices. Clinical trials have specific eligibility requirements and risk profiles. It’s also important to consider your views on scientific evidence and the emotions associated with having cancer. You’re also wise to research clinical trials and discuss them with your RCCA-CJ oncologist and family members. Clinical trials aren’t for everyone. Weigh all options and considerations carefully.


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