Advanced Chemotherapy Treatment Right Here in Central New Jersey

Chemotherapy is a primary, long-proven treatment for cancer. In fact, it is the most common form of cancer treatment, with half of all cancer patients being treated using chemotherapy. At Astera Cancer Care, our physicians are highly experienced and credentialed oncologists specializing not just in cancer but also in chemotherapy itself. To help you take on cancer with purpose and hope, we use today’s most advanced protocols and medications — and take a series of other steps — to maximize chemotherapy’s effectiveness for you or your loved one.

What is chemotherapy?

Shortened from “chemical therapy,” chemotherapy involves using chemical compounds (medicines) that have a specific toxic effect on cancer. Today, there are many different kinds of anti-cancer compounds that selectively target cancer cells in a number of ways. But they are unified in that they selectively destroy cancer cells.

Chemotherapy can be used to treat cancer by using individual anti-cancer drugs or by combining different compounds. These medications can be administered by infusion into a vein, by injecting them into a body cavity, or as pills that are taken orally.

How chemotherapy works to fight your cancer.

As does radiation treatment, chemotherapy works by repeatedly harming cancer cells, interspersed with breaks that give healthy tissues time and opportunity to recover. With their faulty DNA, cancer cells are not able to repair themselves like normal cells do, and they’re eventually destroyed. But where radiation treatment is pointed very precisely to specific areas and can be made to conform to the shape and size of a tumor, chemotherapy drugs circulate through the blood to areas where cancer cells may have been spread. As a result, chemotherapy can attack and destroy cancer in areas of anatomy distant from where it originally developed.

Helping you reduce and manage chemotherapy side effects.

While normal cells are better able to repair and recover than cancer cells are, they’re still exposed to the toxic effects of the chemotherapy medications being used. So, side effects are part of chemotherapy and include:

  • Low counts of white and red blood cells
  • Low platelet counts
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Hair loss
  • Fatigue

While scary or worrisome, the side effects associated with chemotherapy are more easily and effectively controlled than they used to be. These days, many cancer patients are able to work, travel, and live enjoyable, productive, fulfilling lives while in chemotherapy treatment. At Astera Cancer Care, our medical oncologists stay current with the latest developments in chemotherapy, including new medications and protocols that reduce toxicity and, therefore, side effects. And if you do experience side effects, we help you manage them to minimize their impact.

Trust experience, training and credentials for advanced, effective chemotherapy.

Astera Cancer Care oncologists offer the complete range of modern chemotherapy services. This includes immunotherapy treatments, which fight cancer by chemically inducing the body’s immune system to attack the disease. We also can use targeted therapies to individualize your chemotherapy to you specifically, and we participate in clinical trials, which offers new hope for people not being helped with existing chemotherapy drugs.

Preparing for Chemotherapy: An Overview for Patients of Astera Cancer Care

This informative video explains the chemotherapy process at Astera Cancer Care. A prescription for chemotherapy raises questions and concerns. Find out what you’ll experience, in order, from the first education session to managing meds, infusion therapy, follow-up and more.


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