Get Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about RCCA Central Jersey


What do I need to bring to my first appointment?

Please bring the following with you to your first visit to RCCA-CJ:
• Your insurance card
• A form of personal ID (drivers license, passport, etc)
• Physician referral forms if required by insurance
• A list of current prescriptions or over-the-counter medications you are taking, including dose and frequency
• Pertinent information about your medical and surgical history
• Any related X-rays or records you may have

What will occur during my initial visit?

Your physician consultation will generally consist of a physical examination, discussion of medical history and diagnosis, probable plan of care, as well as time for any questions you may have. Initial consultations generally last about 1 to 1.5 hours. It is necessary to have your medical records forwarded to our office in advance of your appointment so your Regional Cancer Care Associates-CJ physician may review them prior to your visit.

How do I know if RCCA Central Jersey accepts my insurance?

We accept most major insurance plans, and you can find out more about insurance by visiting our Insurance & Financial page. Please call us directly for more information. Call 732-390-7750.

Will I have any testing done while I’m in the office?

Your physician may order some laboratory testing (blood work) upon the completion of your consultation. This may be completed in our labs. Other diagnostic tests, such as scans or X-rays, may be ordered and scheduled for a later date at the appropriate location. (These diagnostic tests are not completed in our offices.)

Will I start chemotherapy treatment the same day as my consultation?

Chemotherapy treatment will not begin the same day as your consultation. Chemotherapy often requires additional testing, such as scans and biopsies, before the treatment begins. It is also necessary to have your health insurance company authorize chemotherapy in advance (generally taking about a week) to ensure that your treatment will be covered by insurance. The timing of initial chemotherapy treatments varies on a case-by-case basis. After your physician has obtained any required test results and your insurance company has authorized the treatment, you will receive a call from the RCCA nursing staff to schedule your treatment. You will begin with a detailed one-on-one chemotherapy education session with one of our physician assistants, nurse practitioners or oncology nurses. This session will provide you with information about your specific treatment and allow you to ask any questions you may have.

Where will I receive chemotherapy treatment?

Many of our patients receive chemotherapy here in our offices. Our oncology nurses are trained in the administration of the latest chemotherapy treatments. Occasionally, due to insurance reasons, we will schedule our patients for their treatment on an outpatient basis at one of the hospitals where our physicians have privileges.

I need to see a hematologist, and I understand RCCA physicians treat not only oncology (cancer) patients, but also hematology (blood) disorders. Can you please explain?

Our physicians are specialists in both medical oncology and hematology. We have extensive knowledge and experience in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the blood, ranging from anemia to clotting problems. We treat many hematology patients who have non-cancerous blood disorders. (It is very common for oncologists to also practice hematology, as many of the side effects of chemotherapy are blood related, for example, anemia and neutropenia.)

What hospitals are RCCA-CJ’s providers affiliated with?

We are affiliated with JFK Medical Center in Edison, NJ; Robert Wood Johnson University Hospitals in Hamilton, New Brunswick, Rahway and Somerville, NJ; and Saint Peter’s University Hospital in New Brunswick, NJ. We are not able to treat patients at other hospitals, as we are not on staff.

I am aware that I will require chemotherapy treatment and am concerned about the copayments. Are there any assistance programs available?

In the event that you will be receiving chemotherapy treatments, our billing department may contact you prior to your first treatment to discuss assistance programs that are available. In cases of need, we will discuss your options regarding assistance from several organizations. Find out more about financial assistance on our Financial Advocacy page.

How do I obtain a copy of my health information/medical records?

To obtain your health information/medical records from RCCA-CJ, you can download our Permission for RCCA-CJ to Release Med Info, complete it and bring it to any of our offices during business hours. You can also come in to obtain and fill out the form here. Alternatively, we’ll be happy to mail you a HIPAA-compliant authorization form.

If you have any additional questions, or to schedule an appointment, call 732-390-7750. You can also request an appointment using our easy online form.