Surviving cancer has a profound effect on people both mentally and physically. Though you may not expect it to matter as much as it does, having a positive attitude and self-image while going through cancer treatment can be highly beneficial to the success of your treatment.

To celebrate cancer survivors and encourage those currently struggling with treatment, the doctors at Astera Cancer Care are proudly hosting the “Look Good … Feel Better” program on June 26th, 2017 at noon. This free program teaches beauty techniques to men and women struggling with cancer and cancer treatment. It aims to help them combat the appearance-related effects of treatment. It is also beneficial for recent survivors who may need extra support as they transition back into their daily life.

“Look Good … Feel Better” program

Women, as well as men, take pride in their appearance. Our faces and our smiles are a big part of our identity. When cancer treatment changes our complexion, causes hair loss and makes us feel less vibrant, that’s when the “Look Good … Feel Better” program steps in. We’re hosting this free program that’s offered by the American Cancer Society (ACS), in conjunction with the National Cosmetology Association and the Cosmetic, Toiletry and Fragrance Association. Women will have the opportunity to learn makeup techniques to help them cope with skin changes and disguise hair loss with wigs, scarves and other accessories. As an added benefit, it also opens the door to a community of understanding women, many who are survivors themselves.

How can you help?

No one wants to be diagnosed with cancer and have their lives consumed by tests, scans and uncomfortable treatments. If you or a loved one is a cancer survivor, we celebrate you and encourage you to talk with current cancer patients, share your experience and spread some good cheer. A friendly face and a quick chat can lift the spirit of someone struggling with chemotherapy or radiation.

If you or a loved one has been recently diagnosed with cancer and would like to learn more about how Astera Cancer Care can help you, call 732-390-7750 to get started