Breast Cancer Awareness Month: How to Lower Your Risk of Breast Cancer

During the month of October, the messages about breast cancer awareness and early detection are clear. But what about prevention? Although there is no sure way to prevent breast cancer and though certain factors, such as age and family history, are out of your control, there are things you can do to lower your risk for … Continued

Warning Signs of Thyroid Cancer

Located at the front of your neck near the base of your throat, the thyroid gland wraps around your windpipe and has two lobes, one on the right side and one on the left. The thyroid gland is a key part of your endocrine system (the hormone-secreting glands that regulate body functions). The thyroid distributes … Continued

Summer Sun Safety Month: Protecting yourself from skin cancer

While you’re enjoying the great outdoors this summer, it’s important to protect your skin and eyes from the harmful effects of ultraviolet (UVA and UVB) rays. Prolonged, consistent or repeated exposure to ultraviolet rays can lead to brown spots, age spots, red spots, wrinkles, and burning –– making you more susceptible to skin cancer. Luckily, … Continued

Cancer Myths and Truths

Cancer myths and truths With today’s technology, accessing information has never been easier. But don’t trust everything you read. There are many misconceptions associated with cancer, and it’s important to separate fact from fiction. What is cancer? Cancer occurs when the body’s cells begin to divide and multiply without stopping, spreading to surrounding tissues and … Continued