RCCA Central Jersey Patient Navigators: An Advocate for Your Cancer Journey

We understand that a cancer diagnosis can feel overwhelming. The emotions that come with the word “cancer” range from disbelief to unwavering hope and we are here to support you through every step, and feeling, of the process. At RCCA Central Jersey, we have built a team to support you from your first appointment forward. … Continued

What Is a Hematologist?

A hematologist is a type of doctor who specializes in studying, diagnosing, treating and preventing blood disorders and disorders of the lymphatic system (e.g., lymph nodes and vessels), including several types of cancer.  Why am I being referred to a hematologist? If your primary care physician is referring you to a hematologist, it may be … Continued

Reducing the Financial Burden for Patients

Over the years, our team of four Financial Counselors have seen their department grow and their jobs evolve. Kimberly Paxon, Zoraida Seda, Jenna Riccitello and Natasha Scutro are more than precertification coordinators and financial counselors. They are financial advocates who handle financial needs for our patients, helping people offset the costs of their medical care. We … Continued

Proving Dedication to Patients by Getting Involved

At Regional Cancer Care Associates–Central Jersey, we’re dedicated to community-based cancer care. This means that we pursue the highest standards of care specifically in the service of the communities in which we practice medicine, live, shop and send our kids to school. In other words, we are not merely in the community but of it, … Continued

Ten Ways Oncology Social Workers Improve Cancer Therapy

The role of the oncology social worker is to help patients, families and their caregivers deal with the reality of cancer. They are specially trained and skilled to assist with the psychological, social, emotional and spiritual needs of everyone involved. Ten ways oncology social workers improve cancer therapy Oncology social workers play an important role … Continued

Success Rate of Infusion Therapy on Rheumatoid Arthritis

Approximately 1.5 million people in the United States have rheumatoid arthritis (RA); it affects three times more women than men. You’ve likely heard the term before and associated it with sore joints in the hands and feet. In fact, rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic inflammatory disorder in which your body’s immune system attacks its own … Continued

Symptoms of Thyroid Cancer

Thyroid cancer occurs when abnormal cells begin to grow in the thyroid gland. A persistent lump in the neck is also common with this type of cancer. Fortunately, thyroid cancer is often diagnosed before the disease has a chance to spread, which means most people respond very well to the treatment. In fact, the 25-year … Continued

Oral Cancer Awareness Month: Types of Oral Cancer

What do talking, laughing, eating and kissing all have in common? Each requires a healthy mouth. Keeping your teeth, gums and lips healthy with regular brushing and flossing can reduce your risk of halitosis (bad breath), tooth decay, gum disease and oral cancer. If you’re not visiting your dentist for regular check-ups and cleanings, you … Continued

Colorectal Awareness Month: Warning Signs of Colorectal Cancer

Colorectal cancer is the third most common cancer diagnosed in the United States each year (excluding skin cancers). Approximately 1 in 21 American men and 1 in 23 American women are at risk of developing this disease in their lifetime. March is Colorectal Awareness Month. The experienced doctors at the Regional Cancer Care Associates want … Continued

National Cancer Prevention Month: Tips to Lower Your Risk for Cancer

Did you know about a third of all cancer diagnoses are preventable through diet, activity and weight control? This month is National Cancer Prevention Month; each year 12.7 million people are diagnosed with cancer. About a third of those diagnoses are preventable. Imagine reducing that number by a third just by making a few adjustments … Continued